Complete air sealing and insulation work before you replace your windows to achieve maximum efficiencies and comfort.

Many homeowners who have older windows and doors believe that by replacing the windows all their issues with high energy bills and uncomfortable rooms will go away. The reality is windows should be the last part of sealing the home envelope after the air sealing and insulating of the attic, basement and crawl space have been completed. Without those improvements, the expense of new windows will not have the expected efficiency and comfort results.

New replacement windows have many benefits including improved energy efficiency and comfort of your home, increased resale value, greater comfort, lower maintenance and even a reduction of the size of the HVAC system. New windows also offer a stunning impact on the exterior of your home. There are many great styles of windows available that will compliment both traditional and contemporary homes and there are a large variety of trim styles available that can further compliment both the exterior and interior of the home.

Most replacement windows you buy today are low-emissivity, or Low-e. The technology, which involves coating the windows with a metal or metallic oxide, has continued to improve since their development in the 1970's. Low-e windows, depending on how they are coated, can keep heat either in a house (solar gain) or out (solar loss). The important thing to know is that Low-e windows can contribute huge energy savings when coupled with air sealing and insulating, up to as much as 35 percent a year.

Advanced Energy Services provides full service window replacement and purchases completely custom fitted windows manufactured in the Chicago area. We select our suppliers based on their ability to provide products that adhere to the building sciences, and in this case, produce windows and doors that perform to our standard. Of course, our customers can select any manufacturer they desire, but we believe we have developed relationships with window and doors suppliers that provide the best product for the price.


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