​​performance report

Detailed report provides the results and outlines the solutions.

Advanced Energy Services LLC home performance audits TESTING TO FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS

Visual inspection

We visually inspect your home before and during the performance audit.

Advanced Energy Services



The first step to conducting a complete Advanced Energy Services LLC home performance audit is to determine what issues you may have in your home.

• Are your energy bills too high?

• Is your home uncomfortable in the hot summer or the cold winter months?

• Are you concerned about the air quality of your home?

• Is there a hot or cold room in your home?

• Do you see ice damming in the winter?

Those questions and many others will be discussed during the interview process.  Basically, any comfort, health, safety and energy cost issues related to your home will be discussed and noted.  

Following the interview we will schedule an appointment when our certified building analyst to conduct your home performance audit.  A full home performance audit typically takes 2-3 hours, which is determined by the size of the home and the issues that are encountered during the audit.  The BPI certified auditor may also ask you to view certain performance results during the testing phase to keep you fully informed.


State of the art testing equipment and BPI certified analysts find the problems.