Advanced Energy Services



Air sealing your home is critical to maximize the performance

of all other energy and comfort improvements. 

Air sealing your home is the first step to improving the energy efficiencies, comfort and durability of your home. A typical home can lose 70% of its heat through the roof. A simple, efficient and cost effective way to diminish those infiltrative losses is to air seal and increase insulation in your home's attic. 

Since heat rises in the winter and builds up in the attic in the summer, an attic air seal upgrade is typically a homeowner's best first step towards a more energy efficient and comfortable home. 

Advanced Energy Services will seal all gaps, cracks and penetrations that allow the attic air to infiltrate and mix with the living space below. Common air gaps occur around the perimeter of attic floor, top plates (where to tops of interior wall studs intersect with the attic floor) , recessed lighting cans, ceiling fans, electrical piping, and duct or plumbing chases. 

Air sealing knee walls, vaults and rooms adjacent or over unconditioned areas are also very important to saving energy and making the conditioned rooms parts or your home more comfortable.

The home performance testing helps guide our certified installers to the areas that need attention. Our experience also proves invaluable when dealing with difficult situations such as find the actual leaks and special techniques to seal them.

Air sealing is a critical step in the process of encapsulating the building envelope and keeping the heating or cooling in the living space of your home.