visual inspection - seeing is believing

​​The visual problems we see and document can cause high energy bills, uncomfortable rooms and even damage to homes. 

Advanced Energy Services



After the interview process, and before and during the actual home performance test, we will throughly visually inspect your home.  We will measure the "footprint" which provides us with data we will need to calculate how your home is performing during the blower door test.

The purpose of the visual exterior & interior inspection component of our comprehensive home performance audit is to identify the obvious issues or aspects of your home that could be contributing to significant energy waste and comfort problems that will need to be addressed. The visual inspection also provides us with a general overview of your home so that we can more easily identify any larger issues.

The visual inspection is also augmented by the blower door and infrared tests, which shows the amount of leakage in your home and helps pinpoint specific areas that will need to be looked at closely.

Home areas and visually noted issues we will be looking for include:

• Major air leaks and penetrations into unconditioned space
• Inadequate of deficient insulation
• Window and doors condition

• HVAC system analysis and specifications (year installed, etc.)

• All vents in roof, and basic design of home (cantilevers, soffits, venting, etc.)

• Ceiling lighting, fans, skylights, attic hatches and exhaust systems in your home