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An Advanced Energy Services Home Performance audit will clearly identify the issues and opportunities to seal and protect the building envelope of your home, and our expert certified building envelope installers will fix the problems.

Want to know why your home is uncomfortable and/or hard to cool when the summer heat wave is upon us?....just give us a call at 630-773-8869 or send an email to for your FREE consultation and to arrange an audit.


You may have noticed cold rooms and high heating bills last winter and was happy to see winter go we all are.  But the problems that caused those uncomfortable conditions in the winter are still there and will continue to cause uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills.

The causes can be varied and numerous, but there are two main issues and opportunities to improve your home.  One cause is the air movement (convective) through various parts of your home including penetrations and tops of walls in attic floor, the wall cavities, the rim joists in the basement or crawl space, porches and cantilevers, and windows and doors.

The second area is heat transfer (conductive) from under insulated attics, walls adjacent to the conditioned space to unconditioned space (such as a room next to a garage), the exterior walls of the home and again windows and doors.

Convective and conductive elements are controlled in your home’s building envelope by stopping conditioned air from leaving the home and unconditioned air from entering.  Heat builds in attics and pushes down on the adjacent ceilings making those rooms harder to cool and also forcing the cool air down to the lower levels of the home.  Have a room over the garage?  That is why it is hot in the summer and is probably also cold in the winter.....convective and conductive forces at work.