Advanced Energy Services



The leaks between the living space and other parts of the house are often much greater than the obvious leaks around windows and doors. Since many of these leakage paths are driven by the tendency for warm air to rise and cool air to fall, the attic is often the best place to stop them.

It's important to stop these leaks before installing attic insulation because the insulation may hide them and make them less accessible. Usually, the attic insulation itself will not stop these leaks and you won't save as much as you expect because of the air flowing through or around the insulation.

Your Advanced Energy Services certified installer will do all the required air sealing and other steps required to prepare your attic for insulation.  Different types of insulation may be required including fiberglass batts, foam and blow in insulation depending on the situation.

We primarily use cellulose insulation for large volume attic applications.  Cellulose insulation has numerous qualities that make it the best choice including:

• Increased thermal performance
• Cellulose is a green product made of 85% recycled paper 
• Acts as a vapor barrier
• Reduces sound infiltration
• Is a fire retardant
• Resists mold and pests 
• More affordable

Remember….Seal the air leaks and infiltration first and then add the insulation to achieve maximum efficiencies.  Many of our customers have seen a reduction as much as 25-40% on their annual energy costs!