Advanced Energy Services



An Advanced Energy Services home performance audit is performed for homeowners who are interested in improving the comfort, durability and efficiency of their homes.  The result of the testing is a comprehensive performance audit report is prepared that clearly explain the test results and  retrofits that should be completed. 

The home performance audit report is an energy model of your home as all components of the home are measured and entered into an advanced modeling program. 

Your home performance audit includes your concerns, visual inspections and diagnostic testing using specialized equipment such as a blower door, duct leakage tester, combustion analyzer and infrared camera which evaluates:

• The amount and location of air leaks in the building envelope
• The amount of leakage from HVAC distribution ducts
• The effectiveness of insulation inside walls and ceilings
• Any existing or potential combustion safety issues

The BPI certified Advanced Energy Services auditor who conducts your whole-house evaluation will develop an comprehensive analysis and report to identify and prioritize proposed treatments for improvement. The detailed report will provide suitable results of the comprehensive testing and includes retrofit recommendations, cost estimates and information on rebates that may be available.