What is a BPI certified home performance audit?
A home performance audit is a comprehensive review of how your home is performing in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety and durability.  It is done by our BPI certified building analysts using current testing techniques and equipment such as a blower door and infrared cameras that provide scientific measurements and results.

What does BPI certified mean?
BPI is a national standards development organization for residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. Our building analysts have been trained, tested and certified to BPI’s nationally recognized  standards and we use the house-as-a-system approach to improving the performance of existing homes – an approach proven to reduce home owner annual utility bills while increasing home comfort, safety, and durability.

How much does a Advanced Energy Services Home Performance Audit cost?
It depends on the size of your home. Home Performance Audits start at $450 depending on the size of your home.  In most cases the cost of the audit is refunded to the homeowner if Advanced Energy Services provides the work required to solve the problems. Free estimates are also available but diagnostic information is limited (primarily a visual inspection) and there will not be a detailed report.

How long does a home performance audit take to complete?
A typical home takes 3 hours to conduct all the tests, which include visual inspection and various types of testing. A detailed home performance report is typically sent to the homeowner within 3-5 working days.

What are the benefits of a home performance audit?
The primary benefits are knowing specifically how your home is performing and what steps you may need to take to improve energy-efficiency, comfort, safety, health and durability of your home. Many homeowners assume what their problems are....a home performance audit by Advanced Energy Services shows you exactly what the issues are and how to correct them.

What improvements can Advanced Energy Services provide?
We focus on retrofits that improve the performance of your home.  We employ BPI certified installers to do much of the work that focuses on sealing your home from outside air infiltration and the loss of conditioned space to the outside.  We provide full service work in air sealing, insulation, windows and doors, HVAC, ductwork sealing, crawl space encapsulating, basements and much more.

How can I save money by using Advanced Energy Services?
The biggest savings are in reduced energy costs over time.  We are also certified contractors recognized by numerous programs that offer rebates for air sealing, insulation, HVAC systems, ductwork sealing and other energy efficient work we provide.  We have long-term relationships with manufacturers and subcontractors that can also help save our customers money.

How do I know the work performed solved my energy cost or comfort issues?
The real proof is watching your energy bills go down and your comfort in your home go up.  We also provide each homeowner with pre and post test results that show the reduction of leaks in your home by use of a blower door and infrared camera.

What if I do not want to make all the improvements at one time?
We understand budget can sometimes be a concern for homeowners.  We will recommend the home performance solutions that can have the most immediate impact and do other work at a later date.  Our focus is improving your home performance, maximizing savings and working within your budget.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes, all of our work is warranted for 12 months, including materials and labor.  The focus of our work is improving home performance and the results are immediate and last almost forever.  Items such as windows offer lifetime manufacturer warranties.  We want your experience to be simple, rewarding and hassle-free.

Can improving my home’s performance increase the value of my home?
All indications are a resounding yes!  The intrinsic value is more comfort and peace of mind and the real value is reduced energy costs and greater durability.  We also offer Energy Star® Certifications for many homeowners that are now becoming a big part of resale value evaluation by the Realtor community.


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